On Sunday, January 21, 2024, the FELUBA Challenge took place in Reckange/Mess. The Challenge is a Cup competition for senior teams, played according to the KO system, with matches determined by drawing lots. The exceptions for the Challenge are that each set ends at 21 points and that a handicap formula applies based on the players’ individual rankings. A lower-ranked player may obtain a lead in each set ranging from 4 to 15 points. A match is over when a team has won five games. All teams not playing in the top two divisions of the current senior team championship are eligible to take part.

9 clubs: Déifferdeng, Europeen, Käldall, Weiler, Schëffleng, Reckeng/Mess, Kielen, Izeg and Walfer were present on Sunday to try and win the Cup.

Badminton Club Déifferdeng was awarded the title of FELUBA Challenge Winner by winning the final 5-1 against Badminton Club Schëffleng.